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FastCron Changelog

June 2024

Notification channels

You can now add account-level notification channels including Slack, Zenduty, Discord, Teams, and webhook (JSON payload). Once added, all failure/success notifications will be sent to your channel(s).

You can disable or delete a channel in case you don’t want to receive further notifications.

FastCron will show the last error message when failing to send notifications to your channel. We will automatically disable your channel after 5 consecutive failures.

Removed daily execution limits

The base cronjob interval is 1 minute. You can create cronjobs to run up to every 5 seconds, but they will count as 12 cronjobs. You can create up to 1,440x one-time cronjobs.

Changed retrying failed cronjobs

Failed then disabled cronjobs will no longer be retried and enabled.

  • The default failure threshold is 20 consecutive failures.
  • You can update it at the section Failures, retry, and repeat.
  • When your cronjob fails half of the threshold, we will back off:
    • 1 day if your cronjob runs 4 times a day or less
    • 3 hours if your cronjob runs 24 times a day or less
    • 1 hour otherwise
  • When the cronjob exceeds the failure threshold, it will be disabled.
  • You will receive a cron notification (via email, Slack, or webhook) when that happened.

Removed old servers

3 old servers are scheduled to removed:

  • scj-app01 removed on June 11, 2024
  • scj-app02 removed on June 18, 2024
  • scj-app03 removed on June 25, 2024
  • scj-app04 removed on July 2, 2024

Please ensure that we can reach your cronjob URLs with the new IP addresses by whitelisting our IP addresses.

Updated cron_run

You can now run your cronjob at a specific time using cron_run with time parameter.

May 2024

  • You can now change your referral code.
  • Help center have been moved to Docs.
  • Blog have been moved to /blog
  • Account dashboard has been moved to
  • API endpoint is now
  • 3 new IP addresses have been added.
  • Custom HTTP headers are now available in the free plan.
  • Show last 25 execution results for the free plan (from 10 results).
  • We will remove failed execution results after 1 year.
  • User avatars are now synced from your Google account.
  • You can now add your company/team name.
  • Contact email has been removed. Existing contacts have been converted to team members with role Viewer.
  • Auto-deleting stopped/failed cronjobs on the group level has been removed. Please use the settings on the account level.

April 2024

  • You can repeat your cronjob when/until its output matches a word.