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FastCron Changelog

June 2024

Change retrying failed cronjobs

Failed then disabled cronjobs will no longer be retried and enabled.

  • The default failure threshold is 20 consecutive failures.
  • You can update it at the section Failures, retry, and repeat.
  • When your cronjob fails half of the threshold, we will back off:
    • 1 day if your cronjob runs 4 times a day or less
    • 3 hours if your cronjob runs 24 times a day or less
    • 1 hour otherwise
  • When the cronjob exceeds the failure threshold, it will be disabled.
  • You will receive a cron notification (via email, Slack, or webhook) when that happened.

Remove old servers

3 old servers are scheduled to removed:

  • scj-app01 removed on June 11, 2024, replaced with app1 (
  • scj-app02 removed on June 18, 2024, replaced with app2 (
  • scj-app03 removed on June 25, 2024, replaced with app3 (
  • scj-app04 ( removed on July 2, 2024, replaced with app3 (

Update cron_run

You can now run your cronjob at a specific time using cron_run with time parameter.

May 2024

  • You can now change your referral code.
  • Help center have been moved to Docs.
  • Blog have been moved to /blog
  • Account dashboard has been moved to
  • API endpoint is now
  • 3 new IP addresses have been added.
  • Custom HTTP headers are now available in the free plan.
  • Show last 25 execution results for the free plan (from 10 results).
  • We will remove failed execution results after 1 year.
  • User avatars are now synced from your Google account.
  • You can now add your company/team name.
  • Contact email has been removed. Existing contacts have been converted to team members with role Viewer.
  • Auto-deleting stopped/failed cronjobs on the group level has been removed. Please use the settings on the account level.

April 2024

  • You can repeat your cronjob when/until its output matches a word.