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Data structures

Cron job

Each cronjob contains these members:

idintegerCron job ID
groupintegerGroup ID, nullable
expressionstringCron expression (crontab syntax e.g. 0 12 * * 1-5 or expression e.g. 1 day)
timezonestringTime zone
timeoutintThe timeout limit. Max time that FastCron will wait for your script output.
instancesintegerMax overlapping cronjob executions: 0: unlimited, 1: single, 2 - 5: 2 - 5 overlapping executions
urlstringURL to call
httpMethodstringThe HTTP Method to send HTTP requests to your URL.
httpHeadersstringPlain HTTP headers to send to your cronjob URL.
postDatastringThe data to POST to your URL, either query format or JSON
failintegerNumber of current consecutive failures
statusintegerStatus code, 0 means “active”
namestringName of cronjob
notifyboolNotify when cronjob fails
notifyEveryintNumber of consecutive failures between each notification
pointsintegerPoints, number of executions per day

Status codes

Here’s the list of cronjob status codes:

0STATUS_ACTIVECronjob is active and running
1STATUS_DISABLEDDisabled by user
2STATUS_EXPIREDDisabled due to account expired

Cron execution result

Each cron execution results contains these members:

resultarrayAn array contains multiple values, see below.

result contains these members:

urlstringThe actual URL that our servers sent HTTP requests to.
outputstringYour script output
downloadedintegerTotal output size (in bytes).
httpStatusintegerHTTP status code e.g. 200
errorstringError message, if any.
messagestringSystem message, if any
ipstringDestination IP.
source_ipstringIP address of the server that process your cronjob.
timeintegerUnix timestamp of scheduled time.
startTimedecimalUnix timestamp of starting time with milliseconds.
executionTimedecimalTotal execution time, in seconds.
statusintegerExecution status, 0 means “success”


Each group contains these members:



Your account contains these members:

idintegerAccount ID
namestringAccount name
timezonestringDefault timezone
planstringPlan name e.g. Pro
dailyExecintegerDaily execution limit e.g. 20000
memberLimitintegerTeam member limit e.g. 5
expiryDatestringAccount expiry date e.g. 2023-12-31