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FastCron API

With an API Token, you can work with your cronjobs, groups, and account settings without logging in.

The API token is a 32-character string generated for all FastCron users. You can visit your Profile page to copy your API key.

API endpoint

Send all API requests via HTTP to a URL with the format[function]

For example, to list your cronjobs, send your HTTP request to

Authentication and request format

FastCron requires a token variable sent in POST body or GET parameters.


Send all data including the token to:[function]

The POST body must be either query string or JSON format:


GET variables[function]?token=[token]&name=value

Example requests:************&id=1&name=weekly

Response format

The response is in JSON format and includes these members:

statusEither success or error.
codeThe error code, 0 means ok/success.
dataResult data, available in success result only
messageThe error message, available in error result only

Example request******

Success response


Error response

{"message":"Invalid API token, user not found.","status":"error","code":11}

Rate limit

The rate limit for API requests is 1 request per second. If you exceed that limit, you’ll get HTTP error code 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.