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Discord integration

You can receive a message in your Discord channel when your cronjobs fail or succeed.

To set up integration from FastCron to your Discord channel, follow the instructions below:

Create an incoming webhook at Discord

Discord integration

  • Open your Server Settings
  • Click the Integrations tab
  • Click the Create Webhook button.

Now you’ll get an incoming webhook URL that allows FastCron to send messages to your channel.

The URL looks like this

Add it to your account Channels

  • Click the tab Channels on your account dashboard.
  • Click the Discord button.
  • Paste the webhook URL, then Save.

Enable notifications for your cronjobs

FastCron enables notifications for your cronjobs by default.

To check it, edit cronjobs, at the section Notifications, ensure the Notify me: when cronjob fails, and when cronjob succeeds after failed are checked.

FastCron will send you a message when a cronjob in your account fails, and when it succeeds again.