API Docs


With an API Token, you can work with your cronjobs, groups, and account settings programmatically without logging in.

The API token is a 32-character string that is uniquely generated for all FastCron users. You can visit Profile > API token to copy your API key, and regenerate the API token just in case.


All API requests must be sent via HTTP to a URL with the format


For example, to list your cronjobs, send your HTTP request to


Each API request requires a token variable that can be sent via either POST, GET, or URL params as described in the Request formats section below.

Request formats

You can pass parameters via either POST or GET parameters.

POST recommended

All data including the token must be sent to


The POST body must be either query string or JSON format:


GET variables


Example requests:


Response format

The response is in JSON format, includes these members

status Either success or error.
code The error code, 0 means ok/success.
data Result data, available in success result only
message The error message, available in error result only

Sample API Request


Success response


Error response

{"message":"Invalid API token, user not found.","status":"error","code":11}

Rate limit

The rate limit for API requests is 1 request per second. If you exceed that limit, you'll get HTTP error code 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.