Repeat cronjob execution

Thuan Nguyen

FastCron founder

Rerun cronjob when/until its output matches a word.

You can make your cronjob repeat itself after an execution. You can test if the script output matches a predefined string e.g. processing. FastCron will repeat the cronjob up to 10,000 times.

You can also test if the output does not match a word by prepending ! to the word, e.g. ! done will repeat your cronjob until it prints out done.

This will reduce the load on servers running unnecessary tasks when there is no need for repetition.

To enable this on your cronjob, at the section Failures, retry, and repeat, update the field Repeat if contains and Repeat up to. Repeat cronjob

This will increase the daily execution number of the cronjob.

The feature is available for all premium plans.

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