How to run cron job every 30 seconds

Thuan Nguyen

FastCron founder

You can run cronjobs every 30 seconds using Unix crontab or FastCron service.

If you are using the Cron Jobs feature from your hosting or your server crontab, you can run cronjob every 30 seconds by setting up 2 cronjobs running every minute, the second one with a 30-second delay:

* * * * * /path/to/
* * * * * sleep 30 && /path/to/

Now your will run every 30 seconds.

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FastCron is the best place to run your cronjob every 30 seconds. You just need to create one cronjob, and you’ll get:

  • Full cron logs including starting time, total time, script output, etc.
  • Email notifications when your cronjob fails or backs up again.
  • A nice simple interface for you and your team.
  • and many more features.

Give it a try now, it’s free!

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